Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All 5 pages for Comic-Con

Here is the entire 5 page sequence of Marvel New Avengers pages I did for Comic-Con this year. By and large, they were not the hit that I had hoped. Indeed, the convention was so busy that it was difficult to find people willing to take the time to give me a critique this year.
They were submitted along with the last four pages of the Justice League Story I did after last year's Comic-Con to Marvel, DC and Boom. I did get a nice and unexpected portfolio review from and Editor at Capstone Publishers, who seemed to think we might be able to work togetheer on something in the next year.
Also I got a prompt and somewhat encouraging reply from a Talent Coordinator had Marvel, who had sent me the script, shortly after I had e-mailed him the pages before leaving for the con. He was both positive and helpful, offering some hints about places where the pages could have been stroger, for which I am grateful.
The challenge now is not to get discouraged, and to continue drawing and working on pages, so I have improved work to send to the folks at the various publishers who have graciously offered to look at new material throughout the next year. So hopefully, you'll be seeing some of that here on a fairly regular basis. If not, give me a kick in the pants!

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  1. A real nice set of pages there! Still can't admire the detail onscreen though-- hope I can get a closer look at them sometime~
    Planning on any appearances at Long Beach Con?